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We support tech companies from the initial stages of their burgeoning business until they achieve a successful exit.


Who We Are

Aidiom is a Norwegian deeptech investor with a special focus on enterprise software powered by applied AI. 

We are active owners who provide long-term competent capital and strategic support to our companies.  Having both founded and funded great companies, we help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies.

We invest in our companies for the long haul and understand that success takes hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance. We support the founders when they meet new challenges, share our experience and network with our companies, and work closely with them from the very first stages until global leadership is achieved.

Aidiom is led and funded by serial entrepreneur Jon Øyvind Eriksen (Internet Aksess, Kantega, Signicat), who combines decades of operational experience as CEO and Chairman of leading tech companies with a strong investment track record from the venture capital industry.



LoopFront is a Norwegian green proptech company that enables real estate developers and construction companies to easily locate and reuse building materials and cut construction waste. This reduces overall building costs and cuts carbon emissions as well.

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Levantor Capital is a UK-based fintech company that offers simple, flexible trade financing for wholesale buyers worldwide, allowing them to finance inventory and short term credit offered to their customers.



User-friendly management software for construction teams. Fonn is a SaaS based collaboration tool for construction; 

Enabling all workers to get the job right, with document sharing, always up-to date information and direct communication at their fingertips and no onboarding needed.



Intelecy is cloud-based software for predictive maintenance and process optimization, designed specifically for Industrial IoT data. 

Providing a completely new type of insight into industrial production data that enable real-time action.

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Signicat is a global provider of digital identity and signature services with the highest level of security to enterprise customers in regulated industries.

Being founded in Norway in 2006, Signicat pioneered the European digital identity market with its powerful SaaS platform, providing the most comprehensive multi-eID offering in the industry.

Acquired by Nordic Capital in 2019.



We belive in sharing. Therefore we prefer cases where we can be a significant value-add to the team, and be in a position to share our experience and provide our in-depth knowledge about company building and financing. We help founders create sustainable growth strategies and secure funding from tier 1 investors.

Capital alone will only get you so far but coupled with experience and insight it can be the defining factor between success and failure. 

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We invest in progress. We believe that companies that are pioneering better ways to solve important business challenges and improves the condition of our planet and its people are best positioned to grow. We love to partner with ambitious tech companies which aim to combine strong commercial focus with a desire to make a positive impact.

AI-technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP have reached a level of maturity where they can applied in a wide range of industries. We believe that AI-powered companies has the potential to create tremenddous value for society, businesses and people, and will help our companies to realize this potential. 


Aidiom's value creation strategy is to be the trusted partner for the company and our co-investors. We prefer to be among the first investors in the company, joining the boardearly as an active and competent partner for founders and management.

We believe that an open and democratic discussions, positive relationships and excellent cooperation between all stakeholders foster growth and success.

Aidiom takes a long-term view on our investments. We are committed to support our companies with competence and capital from early-stage through the growth phase. 

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Inside Business

CEO & Founder

Jon is a serial entrepreneur and former tech CEO, who has founded companies like Kantega and Signicat. Before starting Aidiom he was head of the tech sector investment area at Investinor, Norway's largest VC investor, where he lead several high-profile investment rounds and created strong financial returns for investors and founders.

Jon has been on both sides of the table, and knows how to forge successful partnerships between entrepreneurs and investors. He has hands-on experience with what it takes to grow a startup from zero to international leadership, how to successfully attract new tier one investors, go public in an IPO and sell companies at billion NOK valuations.


Investment manager

Being a serial entrepreneur Øistein has first-hand experience with founding and building early-stage tech startups in Silicon Valley and Europe.

Øistein has also has helped over 100 founders with business development and go-to-market strategies, being CEO of Insj UiO, an accellerator serving student entrepreneurs from three Norwegian universities.


We are always looking for the next big idea. Get in touch with us.

Oslo:  StartupLab - Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo

Trondheim:  Bassengbakken 4, 7042 Trondheim

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